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Sliding Scale Rates

Web Developent and Custom Photography:

  • Base Rate - $90/hour
  • Discounted rate for Local Business (Asheville Bio-region) - $60/hr
  • Discounted rate for Local Green/Socially Responsible Business - $45/hr
  • Discounted rate for qualified Non-Profit Organizations - $30/hr

Content Writing (This applies only to non-technical content, and not to Search Engine Optimization. Web Development rates apply for SEO.

  • base Rate - $60/hr
  • discounted rate for Local Business - $30/hr
  • Discounted rate for Green/Socially Responsible business and Non-Profits - $25/hr

Additional discounts for approved pre-paid work

Any work that we approve and schedule at least 10 days in advance can be pre-paid for an additional 20% discount. So, if you are confident in the quality of our work, you can pre-pay for blocks of our time, and save money.

Note: Discounts apply at our sole discretion. We will usually decide on rates schedule in your initial consultation.

Rough Guidelines for project expenses

For a new website or re-design of an existing website expect a bare minimum of 15-25 hours of development time resulting in a custom look and feel and your own admin interface allowing you to create and modify pages and content. If you have content written and photos at the ready, we can usually create and publish about five pages in this time frame as well. We also recommend about one to two hours of orientation/tutorial on using the admin interface.

Custom functionality such as a calendar or Newsletter/Subscription system add about two to five hours each.